Photographer since her teen years, she has developed her technical skills over many years of experimentation and work side by side with esteemed professional photographers. Her strong involvement in the preparation of theatre performances along her music studies, have pushed her to explore a world full of concentration and emotion through her lenses. In 2010, she earned a qualification in Stage Photography at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala of Milan.

Since then, she has developed performances photo shootings – lyric, dance and prose - and worked in concerts and educational workshops (Teatro Comunale di Bz, Festival MITO Settembre Musica, Fondazione Haydn). she has constantly practiced catching a wide variety of narrative and expressive elements, with no pose possibility. Companies such as McKinsey, E.On, SanPellegrino, Strategy and Pepsi & Co. have used her services for their business and recreational events photo shootings.

She creates communication photos for educational institutions (Accademia Teatro alla Scala, SDA Bocconi), events (Salon du Chocolat, Milano 2016), vocal groups and dance companies (Italian Harmonists, Milano Contemporary Ballet, etc.) and for the personal branding of dancers, choreographers, musicians, singers and actors.
A solid preparation, creativity, reliability, an extremely attentive and discrete approach as well as a team of efficient 
partners allow her to offer high quality professional services, designed on specific needs.

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